Who are we?

Darshan & Alex.


My name is Darshan Stevens and I am a wedding and portrait photographer. I live on a wonderful little island called Cortes, on the West Coast of Canada, with my husband Alex Hornby, and our very active and lovable Aussie Shepherd named Zuli.

Alex and I like to spend a lot of time outdoors; we are both water babies; in the summer, on our little island, we run around barefoot, and spend our leisure time swimming at the lake.

I have spent most of my life feeling inspired by photographs, music, literature, painting, sculpture, and artistic creations of every variety. In addition to being a photographer, I'm a mixed-media artist, I play the piano, and I dabble at writing; these creative endeavors influence the mood of my photographic style, and nurture my desire to tell peoples stories. People have always been my favorite subject — there is just something about how multifaceted our species is — playful, sorrowful, joyful, engaged, elated, curious. It's a magical and ever-changing landscape, being human, and I love documenting the precious, the perfect, the messy, the silly, and the glorious.

My intention is to craft images that are vivid, evocative, and uncommon. The photojournalist in me loves to tell the story of the day — and the artist in me loves to make every moment as visually engaging as possible.
Graduate of the Western Academy of Photography with a Diploma in Photojournalism.

Recognition and Awards:
Fearless Award Winner. International Society of Wedding Photography award winner. Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada Award Winner. Featured on The Knot, Wedding Bells, Something Turquoise, the Frosted Petticoat, Paper Moon Weddings, and was recognized in the 2014 Two Bright Light's Editors' Choice Awards.


My name is Alex Hornby and I am a wedding and Portrait Photographer. For the past 30 years I have watched the world from a quiet perch on Cortes Island, British Columbia, located on the rainy west coast of Canada.

About me:
I was the caretaker of 200 acres of wild reserve land for most of my time on Cortes; I lived in a teeny purple yurt surrounded by palm tree's, tree ferns, and even occasionally a native wolf pack. The landscaping around my Cortes home has always been inundated with sub-tropical and exotic flora, and I spend much of the winter wrapping up my plants in cozy blankets, in the hopes of saving them from BC's intermittently plunging temperatures. Sub-tropical plants in such proximity to 200 acres of west coast rainforest may be thought of as a curious combination, but I originally hail from California and I harken my love of sub-tropical plants to my roots growing up with orange trees and banana's in my backyard.

In the summer I am often found reading the New Yorker while lying on a rock at the local swimming hole, throwing frisbees for our Australian Shepherd, or talking with Darshan about light, composition and that yummy new lens we just have to have...

My photography has won awards from Fearless, the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers and the Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada. My wedding have been featured on Wedding Bells, Something Turquoise, Paper Moon Weddings, Elegant Weddings, and the Frosted Petticoat.

instagram - @DarshanAlexanderPhotography