Mathew and Erin (Engagement Photography Comox, Courtenay)

Engagement-photography-filberg-comox-courtenay_0001When Mathew moved to Courtenay, B.C. from out East, he met Erin on his very first day in town!  They now have plans to marry this October.  We did a fun little photo shoot with them and their exuberant, very friendly, very fluffy dog, Higgins, at Nymph Falls.  Later we went down to Comox and took some photos in the evening light at Goose Spit and the Filberg Centre.  We are really looking forward to photographing Erin and Mathew’s wedding— firstly because they are so evidently in love, secondly because they are so great and easy to work with, and thirdly because the wedding is to take place at one of our very favourite venues, the Shelter Point Distillery in Campbell River.

Engagement-photography-Nymph Falls-Courtenay-hands-tree stump holeEngagement-photography-nymph falls-erin and mathew-kissingEngagement-photography-Hagens the dog-posingin woods with dogEngagement-photography-Hagens leaping-fluffy dogEngagement-photography-cardiocrinum lily-roses-erin and Mathew-Filberg CentreEngagement-photography-filberg-Erin and Mathew-Hagens-dog cuddlingEngagement-photography-nymph falls-b&w-eyes closedNymph Falls-Engagement-photography-b&w-erin and MathewEngagement-photography-nymph falls-Erin and Mathew-Kiss and SmileEngagement-photography-Erin and Mathew-woods-black and whiteEngagement-photography-Erin and Mathew-woods-colourEngagement-photography-Nymph Falls-SilhouetteEngagement-photography-Erin eyes over shoulderNymph Falls-Engagement-photography-Courtenay-silhouettesEngagement-photography-filberg-comox-goose spit-walking the dogEngagement-photography-filberg-comox-Goose Spit-with HagensEngagement-photography-filberg-comox-log fence-Goose SpitEngagement-photography-filberg-Comox-Goose SpitEngagement-photography-filberg-comox-Sunset-Erin and Mathew

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