Heidi and Anna on Cortes Island

Cortes-Island-engagement-photography_0031Heidi and Anna came to visit back in June.  They camped in our front yard for a few days so that Heidi could show Anna around the place she used to call home, Cortes Island.  Being that we are compulsive people-photographers and seeing that we had two very lovely people camped out front, the obvious came to pass.  We photographed them.  This was not an engagement shoot exactly, but…something like one, let’s say.

We started out in the tropical jungle of our pond garden then headed down the trail to the less tropical, but still beautiful beach in time for the sunset.  Just as the sun was about to dip below Quadra Island to the west, it shone through a little gap in the clouds and turned everything and everyone bright orange and golden yellow.   Thanks, Heidi and Anna, for indulging our photographic passion and letting us celebrate your connection, which is sweet to behold.




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