Caley and Spencer (Engagement Photos Market Square)

Darshan-Photography_0002We had so much fun with Caley and Spencer at Market Square in Victoria! It was November and the forecast was calling for bluster. To be safe from rain and wind we decided to meet up in  the semi-covered Market Square. So glad we did, so many nooks and crannies and beautiful backgrounds.
It was warm (for November), and the sun shone for our entire shoot. Caley and Spencer were up for all of our silly antics, sometimes it probably seemed like we completely disappeared — we were actually shooting through a building and two sets of windows, all while Caley and Spencer were patiently posing across the street.
We end up taking photos in a nature-type setting often, so I enjoy it so much when we get to shoot in a more urban area. The colors, the lines of the architecture, the alleyways, it all adds to the creation of interesting compositions and lovely framing. Of course having fabulous, up-for-anything, models like Caley and Spencer is why these photos turned out so well.

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