Alanah (Cortes Quadra Maternity Photography)

maternity-photography-cortes-quadra_0001We went for a late summers walk with the beautiful & pregnant Alanah. We started in the lush garden at our home (love the photo with the deep green foliage— and the water drops that had brushed off the plants onto Alanah’s arms). We were enjoying ourselves so much that before we knew it, day had turned to night. Luckily it was still the heat of summer so we walked into the ocean and created some magical night time ocean photos. maternity-photography-cortes-quadra_0002maternity-photography-cortes-quadra_0003maternity-photography-cortes-quadra_0004maternity-photography-cortes-quadra_0005maternity-photography-cortes-quadra_0006maternity-photography-cortes-quadra_0007maternity-photography-cortes-quadra_0008maternity-photography-cortes-quadra_0009

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