Tofino with the Family

“It’s a blizzard!!!” Me and Dustin, and Mom and 16-year-old brother Forrest hop out of the car for a picture in sunglasses and snow. We’re road tripping to Tofino! And it’s cold, and my camera on the tripod almost gets run down by a speeding car, and the timer is set for 2 seconds and I can’t run to the photo on time and it’s cold and snowing and my camera is getting really, really wet! But it was worth it.

When we arrived at the Tofino/Ucluelet junction it was sunny, so…. we went to the beach! And Forrest and Dustin decided they needed to have a midnight surf, so they rented boards and headed into the dark waves right after the hockey game. I went to bed, and we all went out again the following morning… you guessed it… to the beach! I love Tofino… So far we’re doing two weddings there this summer. Any more takers?

Blizzard on the way to Tofino


Forrest gets ready for midnight surf

Cathedral Grove

Me and my MOm!

Magical Cathedral Grove
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