Kayaktivism Floatilla Blockade! [Cortes Island]

This protest was way more fun than my typical march to the Parliament buildings. Cortes Island is under threat of logging from Island Timberlands — but the locals say No Way Jose. Here is an excerpt from local resident Mike Moore via www.tideline.com:

“On Friday December 14th, Cortes Islanders sent Island Timberlands a holiday message in the form of a flotilla blockading the entrance to the Gorge Harbour. Eight yachts, about 20 skiffs, 15 kayaks, canoes and a barge bearing Santa Claus formed a line across the narrow channel. It was a festive scene with the vessels all bedecked with banners, live music and determined islanders singing that I.T. Shall Not Pass. Island Timberland’s log dump in the Gorge is critical to their forestry plans for getting heavy machinery to the island and then shipping the logs out.”

I say yes! Here’s to community standing up for the forests on their island home!

More info about the cause can be found at http://wildstands.wordpress.com/ Feel free to get involved.

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