Why are Wedding Albums Important?

We understand that it’s difficult, if not totally inconceivable, for people to add another expense to their wedding list. Regardless, we’re going to make a case for The Album. This is solely an information post, and whether viewers decide to book with us, or another photographer, we hope you consider our plea!

We have often spoken with clients a few years after their wedding, and they have not printed any photos from their disc of digital negatives. We get it. There is almost always a lot to do after the wedding, and I mean A LOT! People are buying houses, moving, having babies, working on their careers etc. However, if you are thinking I just want the disc of digital negatives, I’ll make an Album/prints later, unfortunately the stats say that it is very unlikely you will ever make that Album. Here is a great post from a gal who decided she was going to save some bucks and DIY her Album.

I love looking at the photos in my parent’s Album from their wedding day. Unfortunately there are only a dozen or so images. These photos are a huge part of my heritage and history, and I totally cherish them. And of course I wish there were more! The Heirloom Albums created by professional photographers are something that will be passed down from generation to generation. They will truly become one of the most valuable things in your home, and will only become more valuable with time. All that said, we’re just going to promote our business a little and tell you that we have begun including Albums in three out of four of our Collections, and we have kept our prices the same as when we included only a disc with digital negatives. It is so important to us that we are including these Albums at a loss. We feel so much better about our interaction with our clients when they come away from our time together with something tangible, something in their hands that they can feel. We truly believe that it is infinitely more rewarding than looking at images on a screen. And it will endure the test of time, because this is the way we have always had photographs. Printed, with ink.

We thought we would post a few photos of the Heirloom Albums included in our Collections. They are hard-cover, leather-bound, and have thick, lay-flat pages. We love this wine red version— “claret” they call it. The company we work with that makes these albums asked us to take some photos of this particular album, so they can use it for their marketing materials.  We were flattered, and of course obliged, and we thought we would share them here as well.

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