Have you considered a Reception Photo Session?

Evening is an amazing time for a photoshoot. It’s an opportunity for images that are unique, high-contrast and romantic. We’ve recently been implementing an evening shoot on the day of the wedding whenever we possibly can, because they add a flair of drama, and complement the daylight shots we also take. Because we have to use light sources from around the area, instead of relying on the sun, the photos end up looking unique because the light is so focused, making the subjects of the photograph (that would be you) really pop out of the frame.
It’s often difficult to make enough time during your wedding day to fit everything in—so if you are concerned that you don’t have enough time for the creative Bride and Groom photos, plan to sneak out for a half hour in the evening. It’s usually pretty easy to leave the reception for 20 minutes once everyone starts dancing, for some last-minute dramatic and beautiful evening photographs. You may also be more relaxed during this time. Easier to smile and be silly, or romantic, because you’ve let it sink in—yee haw, we’re married!

We recommend setting aside time during the day for Creative Bride and Groom shots, and then if you can fit it in, take a bit of time  in the evening. That way when you look back at your photos you will have so much diversity!



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