What is a ‘first look’ and should we do it? [Wedding Photographers Campbell River]

The term ‘first look’ simply refers to the more and more popular notion of having your bride and groom portrait photos done before the ceremony (usually even before the guests arrive) rather than during the interval between the ceremony and the reception.  With the ‘first look’, the photographers are on hand to capture that moment when you see each other done up in your wedding finery for the first time.  Still a magic moment.  It’s just that it doesn’t happen at the altar.

If a ‘first look’ is not for you and you know it, then you should just go with your instincts. Maybe you’ve always envisioned catching that first glimpse as the music plays the processional commences.  That vision of how it will be may be really important to you.  That’s great.  You probably don’t even need to read this article. But here’s the thing. If you’re not attached to that traditional vision and if it’s going to alleviate stress for you on your big day, then maybe you should consider it. It can be an extremely romantic moment. You get to savor each other, without the crowd (okay, maybe a very small crowd consisting of Darshan & Alex taking your photographs). And getting these photos out of the way gives you the rest of the day to lounge in the sunny glow of your guests and all that being a newly-wed entails.

Also, if you want to have an evening, or dusk ceremony (please do, it’s so great for the light), then you don’t have to worry about there being enough light for the Couple’s photographs after the ceremony. And guess what? When you walk down the aisle, it’s still incredibly special. Sometimes more so because the jitters may be less jittery.  You’re walking down the aisle. And that is what is emotional, more than the dress, more than the hair. Just the fact that here you come, to the alter, to get married. That is the pivotal moment.

One more thing: It does not have to look like the photos you see in this blog post. Your first look is unique and special to you. You don’t have to cry, you don’t have to be overjoyed, or overwhelmed. You might be, but if you aren’t that’s okay. It’s your wedding day. It’s best to leave the expectations out of the day and just enjoy yourself.


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