Day-After (or Day-Before) Session

There are many reasons to opt for a day-after or day-before session—the biggest one being that you just want more time with your photographer without being distracted by everything else that happens on a wedding day—and without having to be constrained by the wedding day timeline. (For example, perhaps the ceremony ran late, and we either have to condense portrait time, or arrive to the reception late). Maybe the photos of the two of you are above and beyond the most important photos for you, and you just want to make sure there is a variety of shots in a variety of places. Or maybe you are getting married in one town, but there are so many important and memorable places that you want photographs of the two of you, but they just aren’t quite close enough to the ceremony and reception site. Or again, maybe you want to include your pet, or child in more of the photographs.

Another possible reason is because it is so important to be spending that precious wedding-day time with out-of-town family and friends. A day-after, or day-before session might be exactly what you in order to not have to compromise spending time with your family and friends on the day of the wedding. And you also don’t have to compromise getting awesome and varied Bride and Groom portraits. If you decide to opt for the bride and groom photos not on the same day as your wedding, you can spend all day with your guests, and your photographer can spend that time taking documentary-stye candid moments, and focusing on your interaction with your guests. And when people see your photo album after you are married, no one will be the wiser that you didn’t get those photos done on the day of your wedding.

And how awesome is it to have an excuse to get back in those wedding duds for another round—and when we do the shoot then we can be really focused on the photography without worrying about whether we will make it to the cocktail hour on time.
Here is a shoot we did with lovely Cam & Elizabeth. And I bet you would never have guessed that one of these photos were taken on the day of the wedding. We never would have time to hit up this railway yard and park at Camosun Collage on the day of the wedding. (Especially since the wedding was in Duncan, and all of these photographs were taken in Victoria. )


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  • beautiful captures. And such a great idea. Love how they included their fur friend in so many of these & how you creatively played with the different locations.ReplyCancel