darshanphotography-1“Darshan shot my friend’s wedding in Victoria in 2012. I knew when I started planning my own wedding in 2013 that I wanted to find a way to have Darshan come to California. Lots of photographers could have given me pretty photos, but I wanted Darshan’s special touch– which includes “pretty”,  but really goes beyond it. Darshan’s photos have soul.
I was thrilled when Darshan and Alex agreed to do our wedding, and even more thrilled when they showed up. They are seriously and completely committed to their art form, yet their presence is bright, light, gentle, and heartfelt. This is EXACTLY who you want to have around you on your wedding day! My husband and I — as well as our friends, families, and guests — loved and adored Darshan and Alex before any of us saw a single photo, simply because of their presence and tireless efforts. They worked incredibly hard for us all day with relentless commitment to detail and artistry. Everyone knew they were up to some kind of genius!
Then we got the photos, and we were totally blown away. I don’t remember ever having such high expectations…  and then those expectations being surpassed! Our photos were absolutely amazing–  beautiful, soulful, meaningful, artistic, playful, perfect! As much as I thought I knew how important photos are, I really didn’t realize beforehand how much it would mean to have our experience so carefully and lovingly captured and documented.
We really couldn’t be any more thrilled with Alex and Darshan as professionals, as artists, and as people. Trust me — this is one of the best decisions you’ll make regarding your wedding, if not the best!”

-Sasha Papovich Patterson (Bride)


I didn’t just cry like the last wedding you both did at sea cider, I sobbed. In between blinks I could see the absolute beautiful job you both did for Simon and I and we wanted to tell you thank you so much!  We couldn’t be happier with your work- for making us feel both comfortable with you, helping us get the best photos and also all those amazing candid shots that we really wanted. This helps us remember our very special day the best- those are our favourites!!
We have a few more days on our honeymoon left, but couldn’t wait till we got back to email you!
Thank you again- don’t be surprised if you hear from our friends or from us for more of your photography!!
-Julie Matthews



 “When I first saw your blog. Honestly, I was overwhelmed. Your photographs are spectacular…they are unique, emotional, honest and very artistic. I thought at the time of the wedding that you and your partner were such delightful people that if your pictures were not that great…I didn’t care. You made us laugh, you were spontaneous and fun..you enchanted everyone who met you. And then the photographs came on the blog and your artistic talent and vision are as wonderful as your personalities. I am really blown away. Thank you.
Thank you for being here..for taking such memorable visions of such an important event for us and for your lovely words on your blog. Really, you have no idea what that meant.
You were like a small Peter-pan person with your equipment neatly strapped to your small, lithe frame… jumping around, making us smile and getting some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen”.

-Jeannie Vaughn (Mother of the Bride)


“The pictures are pure genius…so, so, so G*d damn good, I love them all….!!!!!!!!

“Darshan and Alex…your photos of the wedding are RIDICULOUS!!! You two are so incredibly talented and capture the moments so perfectly and beautifully through the combination of your artistic eye and technical prowess. These are stunning, amazing, perfectly unique…thanks not only for these gorgeous shots but for also being such an integral part of a truly special event. You were the photographers and also cherished guests. Thank you, thank you, thank you”.

-Michael Patterson (Brother of the Groom)


       “We just watched the slide show!!! SO AMAZING!!!  We can’t thank you guys enough!  It was like an epic novel…we laughed, we cried, mostly just happy!  Amazing music, too…you guys have great taste.  Just wanted to thank you so much.  Feels like fate that we found you guys to shoot our wedding.  Such good memories.”

-Corey Jackson  (Groom)


“Oh my goodness, where do we start with the praise and thank yous?! Every single photo you managed to capture some pretty intimate, beautiful moments that we will get to keep forever. They are phenomenal, and we love the essence that you bring forth in your work. Darshan, thank you. It was like hanging out with a dear friend while you snapped our photos. Thank you for doing such a tremendous job. You are a truly gifted photographer…Can’t wait to see more. Thank you for posting these so quickly!”

-Sunni & Jen (Bride & Bride)




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 “WOW…WOW…and WOW!!! We LOVE them! They just perfectly captured the day. We’ve just giggled all over again (twice, actually) looking through all of these.  Hard to pick a favourite!  We really loved the black and white ones, and the one where we’re hugging Little Jan, and the cat, and…and…LOL…well, all of them! We really can’t thank you enough for the wonderful job you have done – we feel ourselves very fortunate to have found you.  We’re looking forward to sharing the photos with everyone”

-Jackie and Samira  (Bride & Bride)

Comox-Campbell-River-Best-of-Wedding-photos (135 of 186)“We want to give a shout out Darshan and Alex for their touch of magic at our wedding. We have had an overwhelming response from people who have seen the photos about how brilliant and incredible they are. So Darshan and Alex we salute your mastery and gentle souls for staying with us till the very end during our special day. You went far and beyond our expectations and this sentiment was shared among our other guests that were so impressed with your dedication. We also are amazed and always reminded of the human innate power of community and genuine love. Thank-you.”

Renae and Tareq (bride and groom)