Christmas Costume Celebration

Okay, well  the whole pale white skin and rosy cheeked Santa face mask is a little on the creepy side. Kinda made me feel as though Santa was properly dressed for a good old-fashioned bank robbery after the children’s party.

But the kid’s love it of course; the party at the slum had presents galore, a costume competition for the kids (it was kinda like a Halloween/Christmas combo party), decorations, prizes, a guest appearance by the one and only Santa Clause.  Due to over-excitability a few of the kids inevitably erupted into brief fits of crying, (bringing back fond memories of my 7th birthday party in the Ronald McDonald Caboose, “I don’t want a stupid hamburger, I want to go home, wahhhhhhhhh”). The party, sponsored by Kane and The Dirty Wall Project was overall, a stupendous success. These are some lucky kids thanks to Kane’s vision. Compared to the other slums I’ve visited in this very large town.


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