Diwali in Varanasi: The (almost) final chapter

Diwali: homemade firecrackers and fireworks all-night long, not a pause. We had a very long and very lovely day. Up at dawn taking photos, and in the afternoon we visited a village across the Ganga. Some locals from Varansi that we had become friendly with had family in the village, and so, lucky us, we were invited for a meal and a Diwali mandala-creating celebration. In the evening we got back in the boat and rowed past the burning ghats to the main ghat where we watched a beautiful ritual performed by all sorts of handsome young Brahman priest-types.

I went to bed around 8pm, but Dustin and Reed stayed up late watching fireworks. And not the Vancouver-style over in ten-minute variety of fireworks, but the all-night, sky-filling, crowd-blasting, watch out for the ten-year-old-boys with-homemade-roman-candles pointed in your direction style fireworks.


morning photos on the ghats

view of the ghats from our hotel room

children in the village across the Ganga

running Reed, and laughing Machu

Reed held the baby the entire time we visited the family

the family works on the diwali mandala

our supper preparation

finished diwali mandala

boatside ceremony at the main ghat

“Ummmm, yes, I do think that was a human body floating downstream”





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