Please Stand for the National Anthem

Yes, in the cinema, standing, for the National Anthem. We went to see Tron. Dustin and I. (Unfortunately.)

Sitting in the seat with a handful of popcorn en route to my mouth, the two jokers beside us, muttering, laughing at commercials, being typically indian chic — suddenly they shoot up out of their seats, hand on the heart. Now I know, nationalism is nothing to joke about, and I don’t mean to razz, it getting people shot so often and all, but I’m unfamiliar with this territory. The hip to be cool, to be Indian, to sing the anthem, standing, hand-on-heart before watching a Disney movie. It’s another Indian misnomer, like how right now, as I type this, there are a few hundred people in what looks like an impromptu parade happening outside on the street. No one in here bat’s an eye. I ask the owner, is it for Christmas, is it a marriage? He laughs and shakes his head. I glance outside and spot carriages, Sadhu’s, holy cow’s and thriving masses of humanity marching along, drumming tinny drums. I’m sure there is some symbolic or religious significance to this parade, but really, deep down, I think it’s simply a chance to celebrate, to be excited and to participate, even more than usual, in this holy chaos they call India.

Anyways, I don’t have photos of the film, but on another, more photogenic note,  we visited a slum just off the tracks near Bandra. Photography as follows:


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