Wiiinnndiaaaaaa weddings

Windia, As in – most days I find myself asking what in the blazes I am doing here, in this completely crazy cityscape, with a gazillion people tripping over themselves all around me. Full-time madness, not part-time. Usually I’m carrying around a completely personal, internal madness, here, I often feel calm, as though I’m some pilgrim of peace, a sadhu from the west. But really it’s protection, from the thick and steaming crowds of chaos, organized chaos, somewhat, and granted I’m outside of it all, of the structures that make this country tick. But I like it. I definitely like it. It’s a different feeling than being back home, there’s a permeation of something that feels like opportunity here on the airwaves. So many ex-pats working here. And why not, when it’s so difficult to make a buck back home with not-in-the-very-least-thriving economy.

Yesterday I attended a blogging/social networking seminar, and I felt left in the dust. I’m still tripping around my happy-go-lucky adventure spirit, wondering if I really want to be a twitter guru, creating an outline from which I structure my time, energy, emotion, around an online persona. Seems like a lot of work. But perhaps it would create a basis for me, so I don’t feel so groundless here in this city, in this human experience. I think I’ll try it out. They recommended having a professional blog and a personal blog and keeping the two separate. Not going to work for me. To me, everything is personal, and so, here we go…..

Yes, I’ve been in the slums here, best people and times of my life possibly. Maybe one day I can work myself into living in a slum. A bit of a backwards equation, I feel my life is progressing if I’m on my way towards living in a slum. It’s wonderful, some aspects, such as the children running around and playing full-time. No car traffic which makes it safe for pedestrian and community activities, such as sitting on the pipeline drinking chai, sitting in front of the school drinking chai, sitting watching the kids play cricket drinking chai, dancing at an Indian wedding drinking chai. etc. you get the picture.

My gig is weddings. generally. Back home it is. And recently I shot a wedding here, in the Sakinaka Pipeline slum. It was a crazy day for me, typical India-style madness. but some of the photos turned out just fine. What do you think?



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  • Emma

    WOW your photos are amazing. There’s something about them….a warmth, a vibe, I don’t have the vocabulary to describe but it evokes emotions/feelings. It’s quite strange to be affected so much by these beautiful images. You have a gift.ReplyCancel