Costa Rica, not quite a Tika [Costa Rica Travel Blog]

We have yoga every morning, We have locals waving hello, we have monkeys attempting to pee on our heads, we have banana tree’s growing in ditches, and we have bare feet—all the time. It feels like we’re slowly building ourselves a home in Costa Rica.

I wish I could show you the beach, because that is where we spend all day, every day—but I’m terrified of sand in my camera, so we always leave our gear behind. I’ll show you the jungle instead. (Beach shots in the next post, I promise). The flowers and the monkeys and the market, (where we bought the endlessly delicious, freshly squeezed, “maracuya juice.” Lord oh lord, who invented the tropics? And how do so many sweet and succulent fruits grow here? Of course, beating the monkeys to the fruit is always a challenge. The cheeky critters sit in tree’s eating the banana’s while us humanoids look on longingly, or even worse they will toss green mangos at innocent passerby’s. (What a waste of a mango, cheeky monkey).

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