Memories of Montezuma [Costa Rica Travel Blog]

There have been pros and cons to spending a month in Monetzuma. The major pro is definitely the ocean, we spent most days just playing in the gently rolling surf, and occasionally swimming in the river. On the con side, it’s a party town and Alex and I are usually asleep by 9pm, (I know, we’re total geeks). We love to get up early to watch the birds and sometimes truck along the beach to early morning yoga class, so the nightlife is wasted on us. Also, the machismo attitude of racing around in very loud vehicles gets really tired, really fast.

Montezuma does have an organic restaurant and a couple of yoga studios, but I was hoping there would be a bit more of an alternative scene here. A community we could somehow get involved in. Maybe there is and we didn’t catch it because we were too busy playing at the beach. That said, we made some wonderful friends at the hostel we were staying at, and we will miss you Danielle and Matt! What do you think, India next year? Ha, if only I could convince Alex to go to India, I’d have a fighting chance of getting back there. As it is, next year does not look promising for me to make it to the subcontinent. Costa Rica is really spectacular, the nature and the wildlife is unparalleled, but I miss the raucous extremes of colorful India.

Wherever I travel, I usually end up feeling a bit like a commodity, and I get tired of it. I really prefer being a part of a community, rather than always feeling like I’m passing through. That’s why we have decided to go to Pacha Mama next. It’s an intentional community near Nosara, and they offer all sorts of workshops, yoga, meditation, raw food etc. Sounds good. We’re scheduled for a 5-day cleanse. Only juice. We’ll see how that goes in the next post!

Meanwhile, I promised photos of the beach this post, so here they are!


Mosquito net girl


View from the yoga studio

drowning practiceMatt & Danielle!Our watering holeDarshi in line at the supermercadoOur favorite pizza placeComplete with live musicBack at the ranch—our hotel room.