Pachamama and the Season of Superfood [Costa Rica Travel Photography]


Granted we’ve been home a week, but I thought this segment of our trip was worth blogging about. Even in retrospect.

Pachamama is an intentional community near Nosara. There are close to 100 full-time residents, and a plethora of work/trade volunteers not to mention regular old workshop attendee’s (such as us), and people just hanging out. Every day there were two yoga classes, three gluten and sugar-free buffet meals with the community, as well as an hour-long silent sit in the evening. And many constant and ever-changing workshops. My kind of place.

So we signed up for a five-day juice cleanse. Complete with super-food herb juices, and enemas. Lord help me me if I ever have to drink Noni again, super food or no super food, I gag just thinking about that stinky fruit. Two days into the cleanse, I was puking and could not fathom drinking or eating anything ever again in my life. Alex had to carry me from place to place, and we slept in the retreat center because I couldn’t walk back to our cabin. I’ve rarely felt so terrible, but then again I have rarely felt as good as I did the week following the cleanse. I may be crazy, but I’d like to do it again next year. Since we’ve been home I’ve really changed my diet around. I’m buying (literally and figuratively) into the super foods craze and pursuing the online stores where I can buy bulk cacao beans and maca. (Beware credit card holders! Aforementioned super foods webpages are dangerous and best avoided!). All in all, I would love to go back to Pachamama, but I am oh so happy to be home and back at my vita mix.

As a side note— my lovely love Alex viewed our entire Costa Rican adventure as an opportunity to learn photography. He didn’t take this task lightly, hence the 5000 or so photos he took of me. (Luckily I remain his favorite subject). So prepare for another chapter of Costa Rica—or at least, lot’s more photos of me. (really, we’re shooting a wedding this weekend in Tofino, so we will resume normal blog programming soon). Here are the photos from Pachamama. Enjoy, and laugh if you want too.

Daily eventsSickSickerSickestDay after the cleanse! Thank the lord it is over!

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