California Road Trip


This past December we had the pleasure of taking a little working holiday down to Northern California.  We added some extra time, mileage and enjoyment by taking the coast roads all the way there and back.  It was Darshan’s first experience of the coast redwoods and Alex’s first venture back to the land of his childhood in 26 years.  We loved every bit of this trip including the working days at a wonderful wedding in Sausalito (Blog post of which to follow shortly after this one).  A full week at Harbin Hot Springs was the topper.  Just before we left, Darshan received a new tilt-shift lens for her 29th birthday.  They are rather a trick to use and we needed lots of practice if we were to utilize it on the job.  The following are some of the fruits of that practice.  If they strike you as kind of tripped-out and blurry, that’s good, ’cause that is largely the idea behind tilt-shifts.


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