Welcome Zuli (Vancouver Island Pet Photography)

Cortes-Island-Puppy-Photography_0001We want to issue a very warm welcome to the newest member of our family.  Zuli the fluff pup is an Australian Shepherd youngster we brought home a week or so ago.  She was bred by MountainAsh Aussies on Salt Spring Island.  It did not take very long for her to crack our hearts wide open and melt us into mushy embarrassing puppy love.  We put out the call for her many months before she was even conceived.  And the wiggly little bliss that was delivered is so much more than we had hoped for.  We can hardly believe our good fortune to have Zuli to wake up to (earlier than is ideal, mind you) in the morning.  Now if we could only convince her to loosen her razor puppy teeth from our feet and trouser legs, and if the cat gets hungry enough to finally come back home after the rude intrusion, our new family life would surely be heaven.


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