Christine and Owen [Long Beach Lodge Tofino Wedding Photography]

Hello –can anyone say working vacation!  This is Tofino folks — on location with long beaches, long evenings, plenty of sun and of course our honored couple Owen and Christine. And let me tell you, they are terrific.  After all, this is the couple that brought a wedding gift bag with wine, s’mores and chocolates to our beach-front campsite and insisted that we act more as honored guests than hired help. We loved these guys! A pre-wedding day surf-shoot was our photo introduction to the wedding weekend. All we were missing was Owen’s  400mm uber-telephoto stakeout lens. (photo-geek speak).

The ceremony took place right on the beach and made for preemo photos, hard to mess up any shot with the beautiful Christine in the foreground and nothing but the sound of the surf and the sweet panorama of Cox beach in the background.  After the cocktail hour, (where Christine insisted on wearing her fancy pink wedding cake as a party hat), we hit the beach and the Tofino forest for the sweeeeeet shots. These two were looking so good, I think these photos might be up there as my favorite couple shots ever taken.

We tried and tried, but could not narrow it down to our usual 40 or 50 images for the blog — we wanted to tell the whole story. So here is Christine and Owen — from wet spring daffodils on the Engagement shoot, to handstands in the sand in the Long Beach sun — you two are currently top spot for for the best clients ever :)


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