Rebecca and John [Hatley Castle Wedding Photography]

We met John and Rebecca for the first time a week before their wedding. As soon as they walked in the door the photographer in me rubbed my hands together in glee. These two had style and were gorgeous to boot :) I knew the wedding would be classy with lots of fun detail to shoot, and I was right!
They brought over a limo from Vancouver that could fit their 10-person wedding party — they just don’t make limo’s that big here on the island. Hatley Castle and the gardens surrounding set an epic and royal backdrop for John and Rebecca’s ceremony.  We took photos in gazebo’s, on bridges, with flowers and towering castles in the background. Doesn’t really get more scenic.

A member of the wedding party commented to Dustin at the end of the night “I’ve never seen photographers like you guys, you climbed tree’s to get the shot, you and took us to the graffiti ghetto and you spent the whole day with us.”

I think I’m going to take that as a compliment.

Thanks for a great time you two!

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