Joelle & David [Sooke Craidelonna Wedding Photography]

It was the balmiest wedding I have ever shot in Sooke — which was perfect for Joelle and Dave as they had originally planned to be married in Guatamala. It may not have been Central American-style temperatures, but it was warm enough that many of the guests went for a swim post-ceremony.

Joelle’s family was amazing to work with. Laughing and crying in equal measure, any groom would be lucky to inherent such a genuine and caring set of in-laws. At one point in the day Joelle’s step-father was in tears and he was speaking to Dave in French, Joelle translated that her step-father was saying how much he loved Joelle, how Joelle had grown up with him since she was a little girl, and how he wanted to make sure Dave was going to look after her. Soon everyone was getting teary-eyed, myself included.
Somehow I don’t think he has to worry — Dave told me that the first time he saw Joelle, he told her that she was the girl he was going to marry. It’s plain for anyone to see that he is totally enamored and devoted to his wife. You two are amazing to witness. Much love to you in your life together.

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