Carly & Daniel [Sooke Wedding Photography]

The rulebook says that when you cross the threshold and become a serious professional photographer you post only four or five photos from each wedding. That’s the formula. And I know, I’m supposed to post all the detail shots, like flowers and rings and stuff. But I can’t help it—it’s the people I love. I just want to show the people—the expressions, the gesticulations, the joy, the tears. So I’m breaking the rules. Again. For serious this time though. Say hello to a hundred shots—almost entirely shots of people. The romance of the fog out in Sooke just does something to me. I go crazy with my camera, I take way too many photos.

Actually, I think the real truth is that it has nothing to do with the fog—and everything to do with Carly and Daniel and their incredible community. I want to show everyone viewing this blog just how wide-eyed and full of love the people are that attended this magical, mystical,  fog-induced dreamscape of a wedding. Carly and Daniel prepared elaborately beautiful tear-wrenching vows— I’m surprised I could take photos as my viewfinder was so fogged up.  I joked with them afterwards that they should give ‘how-to-write-amazing-wedding-vows’ workshops. Seriously. If I ever get married, I’m calling Carly and Daniel to ask them for the coles notes. Everyone cried. Really. I think everyone cried. (I cry at every wedding, so it’s nothing new to me—but I have never seen so many watery-eyed, heart-opened folk, and I’ve shot myself a fair-many nuptials).

This wedding was straight out of a fairy tale—the house on the property was Dr. Suess meets Harry Potter meets Alice in Wonderland, all trap doors and secret bedrooms. Really. Through the bookcase and down the hatch. I think sometimes getting married is like this. Saying yes, I have faith and I love you, let’s hold hands and fall together down this rabbit hole—it’s an adventure, this love thing. And I am so glad to be here at this part of your journey Carly and Daniel. Capturing all the foggy dreamy romantic loving mystery of it all.

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