Kalea & Brett [Empress Victoria Wedding Photography]

Kalea and Brett like to laugh. I don’t know how such a bubbly personality fits into tiny Kalea, but this girl shines! Luckily Brett has noticed exactly how bright and he does his very best to appreciate and bask in her radiant glow. Every detail about Kalea’s wedding day— from her gown, (which was so heavy I could barely lift it), to her shoes, (which were so tall my feet hurt just looking at them)—perfectly illustrates how inspired and creative this gal is. And Kalea and Brett work perfectly together, it was admirable to watch how they treat each other with such consideration and grace—and also how they like to goof around and have fun. Lucky girl I would say, catching that stalwart and handsome Brett character, and lucky guy, I would say, snagging that classy Kalea gal.

The Empress is one of my favorite wedding venues. There are so many alluring nooks and crannies for creative photo ops. And because there are so many international guests, the bride and groom get congratulated from every corner of the globe. Even though Brett and Kalea’s wedding was semi-elopement-style, with only a handful of family in attendance, it felt like everyone at the hotel wanted to participate and share their delight by wishing the bride and groom joy and good fortune. People were smiling their faces off everywhere we went—and it’s contagious! I had a goofy grin on my face the entire day. Even before I ate an astonishingly delicious Oh-La-La cupcake. I am so lucky these two called me up a month before their wedding and said “we want you to photograph our wedding!” It’s a good life when I have clients like you two!

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