Nick & Tracey [Bear Mountain Langford Wedding Photography]

Nick and Tracey decided to do a ‘First Look’ before the ceremony—and the Penthouse at Bear Mountain made for a perfect backdrop. Faux mafia shots in the boardroom, reflected glass photos in the master bedroom and even a couple uber-wide angles featuring opulent chandeliers. But our search for photos didn’t stop there—after the ceremony we managed to snag a golf cart and cruise around the course.  We could only snag one cart though, so my assistant and I rode on the back. I handed over my camera and Tracey tested out her photo skills—I think her shot of us hanging off the back of the cart captured our adventure quite well.

The wind blew Tracey’s veil at exactly the right time and in exactly the right way.  Nick was beaming every time he looked at Tracey and there were a few tears shed when they first saw each other dressed in their wedding finery.  It was a perfect wedding and the couple had some serious and stalwart friendships backing their union—the wedding party was fun, relaxed and comprised largely of massage therapists (at least on the girls side), how awesome is that?

It’s an amazing feeling to photograph a wedding where I recognize people in the wedding party because I shot their wedding last summer. Shout out to Sam and Gina! Love you two! Your goldenly-lit summer wedding still shines in my memory!

Nick and Tracey, your wedding was smooth and relaxing. I don’t think I’ve ever described a wedding as relaxing before—it’s a testament to you two, and how well you gel with each other and everyone around you. Thanks for having us! Congratulations!

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