Richard & Somae [Cowichan Honeymoon Bay Lodge Wedding Photography]

The style and beauty of Richard and Somae’s wedding perfectly represented them as the unique and creative couple that they are. Richard read a poem he wrote for Somae, and Somae sang a song she had written for Richard. A choir came up and sang. The wedding party played gongs to welcome Somae as she walked down the aisle. And that was just the ceremony! At the reception there were many beautiful in-depth, touching speeches, as well as poems written and read by Patrick Lane and Lorna Crozier. A whole lot of people love these two and they want the world to recognize and share in the light Richard and Somae cast. Everyone was eager to explain to the crowd how this couple has touched each of their lives. I can relate to that need—Richard’s daughter is my very best friend and let me tell you, that girl comes from some special stock. Spending time with her and her siblings at this wedding helped me understand more deeply how incredible the Osler family is.

As I remember the wedding, a speech by Stella, one of Somae’s best friends, comes to mind. She spoke about how blessed she was to have had Somae as a friend for years and years and years, thanked her for being there through having everything, and losing everything, and gaining everything again and again. Wow, my eye’s are watering as I remember her speech. Friendship and love. There ain’t no price tag. Later in the evening Richard’s daughter, my best bud, tells me that I am her Stella. Right back at you sister. May everyone be lucky enough to have a Stella in their life. And may everyone share the poetry of this kind of love. Life is for loving. Or so it would seem by the wrap-around love bursting at the seams that I witnessed here.


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