Christine & Steve [Milner Garden Victoria Wedding Photography]

“We have a bit of a situation,” Christine said as I walked in the door to the Marriott hotel room. Normally I would have been slightly concerned, but Christine had a big smile on her face and I saw the bridesmaids in the background laughing. Turns out the zipper on one of the bridesmaids dresses had broken, and the consensus solution was to forget about zipping, they were sewing her in. As they all joked about how couture it was to be sewn into their gowns it became clear these girls had history together—and their priority was to have fun in every situation.
A few minutes after the bride stepped into her gown, and the bridesmaids were zipped and sewn to perfection, Christine’s Dad knocked at the door. I think when Christine saw her Dad, the situation hit home—the tears spilled out as she realized fully and completely that today was the day she was getting married.

There were so many touching moments to this wedding—Christine exiting the lobby before the ceremony and almost running smack into the groom and his groomsmen (luckily she saw them before they saw her), tears in Steve’s eyes as he watched his bride walk down the aisle, beautiful parasols at our beach photo shoot, Steve swinging his bride around in a circle after the ceremony, Christine’s effusive speech thanking her family and friends for being the best family and friends she could ever have hoped for—these are just a few examples. Christine and Steve were celebrated in earnest by every witness in attendance at this wonderful wedding. Congratulations you two, may you have a beautiful life together.





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