Erin & Selim [St. Anne’s Academy Victoria Wedding Photography]

It was one of the busiest days for weddings all season, and I felt lucky to be photographing the lovely Erin & Selim. They walked down the aisle at St. Ann’s Academy, one of the most beautiful venues I have ever been in. The teal color of the ceiling, combined with the sunny yellow walls give the church a warm glow. Almost makes you feel like getting married or something… For the wedding party photos we went to Government House and Cattle Point. The sun was high in the sky, so we took advantage of the long landscapes and fences, as well as the sun-bleached long grass, and changing leaves. I love the out of focus portrait of Erin & Selim in the orange leaves—it reminds me of a painting by Monet.
Walking into the reception hall I was struck by how wonderful it is to have windows all along the walls—great for photos on these long summer days when we still have light in the evening. And it allowed us to see all the deer frolicking on the golf course!!
The decorations, including hand-made little birds in nests and antique doors as the backdrop for a photo booth, were super classy and super cute—representing Erin & Selim perfectly.
Shortly before we left things got a little racy… Instead of clinking glasses as the indication that the bride and groom should kiss, Erin had a donation jar for her favorite charity—when guests donated, the couple kissed, and the larger the sum of money, the racier the kiss. When the $50 dollar bills came out, so did the tequila, and the salt on the bride’s neck. I hope you two made lot’s of dough for the Dog Rescue Society!!
One of my favorite parts of the evening was the ‘bouquet toss.’ Instead of tossing the bouquet to the unmarried ladies in the audience, Erin and Selim presented it to the couple who had been married the longest. The couple who received the bouquet had been married for more than 65 years!!! It was a very heart-warming moment and I found myself, (not for the first or last time I’m sure), to have a hard time seeing through the lens because my eyes were so full of tears.
I’m grateful I was asked to attend and document this touching and memorable occasion. Congratulations Erin and Selim.



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