Kelly & Kenn [Sooke Wedding Photography]

Narrowing down the blog shots for Kelly and Kenn’s wedding was not an easy task. The photos turned out glowingly for a couple of reasons: first, the couple is a matched pair—entirely and obviously. Second, the backdrop was gorgeous and everything glowed in a golden light, and third, there was a giant bowl of colourful and delicious jellybeans that made for an irresistible prop.

Their wedding took place in Sooke, next door to the location of a wedding I photographed last year. One of my favourite perks about word-of mouth marketing is that there are often so many familiar faces at the weddings.
Backyard weddings are particularly dear to my heart, especially in high summer, and especially when we don’t have to leave the ceremony location because everywhere we look is a photo op waiting to happen. The furthest we ventured was a five-minute jaunt across a field to check out the river—where we found a locked-up boat and used it as a prop. Then we found a woodpile and used it as a prop, then we found a fence and used it as a prop, then we found a pitchfork and took photos with that, and then we found Kelly and Kenn’s dogs and took more photos, and well, then it was late in the day and there was really only one obvious thing left to do. Take the bride and groom into the bathroom, (because the tiles are just so great and the colour scheme is just so perfect), ask them to sit in the tub and toss jellybeans at each other. Remarkable that they would go for it, but it seems like that’s just the way they roll. Cool, casual, and up for goofy antics and ridiculous silliness, whilst looking gorgeous—of course.

Congratulations Kelly and Kenn, may you forever feed each other jellybeans—in and out of the bathtub.

p.s the last photograph is of me and my 2nd shooter at the end of the night. He was especially tired of me being in all his photos—looks like he was threatening a knuckle sandwich the next time I showed up in his line of sight. Ahhhh!


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