Christal & Ryan [Beacon Hill Park Victoria Wedding Photography]

Animated and lively are a couple of words that describe Christal and Ryan—it was the kind of wedding where if you weren’t laughing you were crying. Christal’s father recently passed away and there were many mementos and mentions of him throughout the day. A photo of him in a locket on Christal’s bouquet, a table with photos and candles, Ryan at the reception giving a toast and drinking from Christal’s Dad’s flask, and of course Christal’s Mother, Cathy, and her beautiful speech. The tender feelings expressed about his passing seemed to keep everyone’s heart wide open and very receptive to the celebration of Christal and Ryan’s union. And the celebration was exuberant and joyful! At the reception Christal and her bridesmaids did a full choreographed dance as a surprise performance for Ryan. And Ryan had a surprise of his own up his sleeve—cake in the face for Christal! I don’t think anyone saw that one coming—but she got him back in spades. These two have a wonderful sense of humor and seem to get along consummately. There was ne’er a dull moment at this wedding, and I suspect their lives together will be lived the same way. Exciting, fun and well supported. Congratulations Christal and Ryan. Thanks for having me.


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