Emma & Ravi [Pasadena Wedding Photography]

This whole experience was like something out of a storybook— including but not limited to being flown on location to the venue where there were rose petals covering the swimming pool, and the groom riding in to the ceremony on a white horse. I have never in my life seen so many flowers converged into one setting! I knew this wedding was going to be high energy, resplendent decor, and goooood people,  so I was twitching in anticipation for weeks before the event. However, I was not prepared for the extreme dose of fun insistently injected into every moment of this party. People in California like to dance, they like to laugh, they like to cry, and they like to gesticulate—emphatically. At least, that’s my impression after spending time with Emma’s family and friends. Makes for good times, but tough photo culling.  I spent all day today, (literally), trying to select the images for this post. I easily could have posted thrice the images and been happy as a clam, but I did my best to make it short (ha), and sweet.

Our blushing bride, Emma, is sporting not one, not two, not three, but yes, four different outfits in this blog post. It was a fusion wedding, East meets West style, with a Hindu ceremony and a Catholic ceremony, and the wedding took place over two days. So she wore traditional Indian regalia for the ceremony, and then an outfit switch—traditional white gown for the reception. The day before the actual wedding we photographed the Mehndi (henna) ceremony and the rehearsal dinner, where we were privy to amazing speeches and a few fun surprises Ravi and Emma had for each other. (Like how about getting actual CNN broadcasters to parody a story about their courtship and consequent engagement? And then showing the video clip for the first time to your soon-to-be-spouse at the dinner?)

This in not the territory for a speech, but, I just have to say thank you to Emma and Ravi for insisting we come all that way to photograph your wedding.  And thank you to all of you involved in making us feel so welcome, (Susan, Jeannie, Peter to name a few). We were truly delighted to participate in the unfolding of this extraordinary event.


Hair Stylist:  Traci Jane Salon 
Caterer:  The Kitchen
Event Planner:  Joie De Vivre
Floral Designer:  Mark’s Garden
Musicians:  Riffat Sultana
Dress Designer:  Ritu Kumar
Other:  D&B Photo
Equipment Rentals:  Classic Party Rentals
Makeup Artist:  Tamra Auzenne


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    These photos are amazing, Darshan and co. What a beautiful wedding!ReplyCancel

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