Lindsay and Neil were married on a lovely mid-September day on the grounds of Neil’s parents’ home in Cadboro Bay, Victoria, BC.  The home is a gardener and plant enthusiast’s delight with all manner of rare, exotic, beautiful and oddball specimens tucked here and there.  We were distracted from our appointed rounds on a couple occasions, caught up in garden discussions and plant ID questions with Carol and Bill.  But when we got back back to work we found ourselves in the midst of a very charming little backyard ceremony and dinner party.
Lindsay’s career encompasses professional clowning and so, humor, gags, and jocularity featured strongly during the toasts and speeches.  Beyond the usual utensils and wine glasses, each dinner setting was laid with a rubber clown nose and tattoo stickers to set the right mood.  And a great mood it was, as it became hard to hold the camera still at times due to rolling laughter. Lindsay looked amazing in her short sequined dress , glasses, and sparkly blue fascinator— and when she donned her clown nose, the ensemble was complete!