Richard & Danika [Spring Place Parksville Wedding Photography]

The choice of venue for Richard and Danika’s wedding probably came rather easily.  Spring Place is an exquisite property nestled in the woods above the Englishman River in Errington, BC.  A brilliantly designed spectacular log home with a living roof, sculpted grounds, full catering kitchen and hand-built outdoor stone kitchen/fireplace party nook.  A good many weddings have been held here over the years, but Spring Place has a special hold for Danika as this is the home in which she grew up and it was built by her father, Miles.

The festivities on the 24th of August maintained a true warmth and sweetness that even a sudden torrential downpour timed precisely to coincide with the ceremony could not temper.  The rain was short and made for some fun photo opportunities as the guests scurried for cover.  Within minutes we were back in business with the aid of a few umbrellas as another soaking of sweet tears ensued.

Richard and Danika, both skilled chefs and avid foodies, were responsible for much of the amazing and delicious spread of  appetizers and buffet-style dinner.  Danika made her own wedding cake which she and Richard ceremonially dissected with a meat cleaver.  The fun culminated with the bashing of a beetroot-shaped pinata, made for the occasion by the mother of the bride.

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