Annika and Mike (Courtenay Wedding Photography)

Courtenay Wedding Photography_0001 Annika and Mike were married on a blazing hot sunny August day at Annika’s favourite childhood spot.  The front yard of her grandparents home in Union Bay, BC was transformed into the stage for a very stylish and elegantly appointed occasion.  Sea foam bridesmaids and three piece suited groomsman, a string and woodwind trio, along with the many carefully thought-out touches made this wedding a very beautiful and impressive affair.  The customized handheld fans came in very handy for the guests.

The gals got ready at The Old House Village Hotel with photos done around the estuary in Courtenay while the guys were suiting-up down in Union Bay at the Two Eagles Lodge, which is where the reception was held later that day.  Mike works for the railroad in Winnipeg, so we took the guys for a photo stroll along the abandoned E&N tracks that run just behind lodge.  While we were doing the wedding party and bride and groom portraits, the guest were kept busy with a great little beach scavenger hunt.  This little game found many of them sporting the provided flip-flops in the intertidal zone out front of the ceremony site fervently searching for heart shaped rocks and earnestly trying to determine the sex of crabs.   The reception was a tear and sweat soaked party that featured a midnight snack catering grill truck and an elaborate staffed photo booth.

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Venue: Two Eagles Lodge

Getting ready location: The Old House Village Hotel & Spa

Catering: Tria Catering  

Coordinator: Barbara Price  

DJ: Ken Osmanich

Transportation: Limoride  

Florist: Purely Flower  

Cake: Cakebread Artisan Bakery

Late-Night snack: The Beez Kneez Catering  

Makeup: Erin Bradley

Hair: Cory Johnson

Photobooth: Four Frames Photo Booth  

Tent Rental: All in One Party Shop  

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